Friday, November 1, 2013

The 15 Minute Project.

I was trying to find a good reason to do a blog because I really want to start this up again. finally came to me! So this week at the high school we celebrated "Red Ribbon Week". Red Ribbon Week is an alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention awareness campaign that is observed every year in October. The student council members at our school got a speaker for Monday and we had dress up days every day of the week which was kinda fun  but I wanted to talk a little bit about my day yesterday...

Yesterday was a VERY emotional day for me. Ask anyone at school and they can tell you how i cried ALL. DAY. LONG. I was an absolute wreck. Not all of it but a big part of it probably had to do with the 15 minute project that Mrs. Fetzer had put together. I really hope that the other kids in the school got as much out of it as i did.

A statistic shows that every 15 minutes somebody in the United States loses their life because of an alcohol related collision. The 15 minute project is to help people to realize the dangers associated with driving while impaired and the emotional stress that can come about by these decisions. Every 15 minutes during the whole school day, they would pull a student out of class, they would paint their faces white, put a white tee shirt on the them and for the rest of the day they weren't to interact with others at all. At the end of every class hour they would read an obituary for each of the students who had been "killed by intoxicated drivers". They would tell what each person was doing when they were hit by the intoxicated drivers. They would name the people who they were survived by just like they would in a normal obituary. The would share some of their activities and the hardest part for me, what their goals and aspirations were in life before they were killed. They would tell how they would be remembered at Soda Springs High School. It made it seem so real.

I would sit next to them in class and I knew that they were just fine. They were sitting right next to me, but still I got choked up every time they would read their name over the intercom telling us that they had been killed by someone who made a dumb choice. Someone who had made a dumb choice and was out on the roads when I'm sure they had been told not to, had hit 32 of my friends and killed them. It wasn't real but the feeling was. I got choked up every time when I would look over in my classes at one of my best friends and knew that I wouldn't get a response. It hurt to see so many people crying at school, because although they knew as well as i did that it wasn't real, it felt real. 

The part that i think hit me the most was when one of my best friends names, Kelsey Yamauchi, came over the intercom.This was what they said to the best of my memory:
 Kelsey Yamauchi was killed on October 31, 2013 when she was on her way home from the district cross country meet where she placed first and was hit by an intoxicated driver.  Kelsey is survived by her parents, Ryan and Tonya Yamauchi, and her siblings, Breanne, Reagan, Rhett and her brother and best friend, Riley Yamauchi. Kelsey, a senior at SSHS, was involved in Cross Country, Basketball, BPA and Track. Kelsey had alot of dreams in her life to graduate high school, go to college and run cross country for the University of Utah, go on an LDS mission, get married and have a family. Kelsey will be remembered down the halls of Soda Springs High School for her......
At this point, I think I was crying so hard that I didn't even hear the rest. The obituaries made it feel so real. To see them and not be able to talk to them made it feel so real. Their ghost like appearance and missing smile made it feel so real.

I came out so grateful for each and everyone of my friends and i'm so grateful for the realization that it brought to me of the brightness that every person brings into that school. Some of the 32 that were killed, i don't talk to every day but there was still a void. Alot of the time in a small town like Soda, we think "Oh, this would never happen to us. That only happens in big cities." But it doesn't. I hope that everyone from my school who in the future thinks about getting behind the wheel of a car after they have been drinking, will think about the day that we had yesterday. I hope that maybe even if it didn't affect their emotions as much as it did mine, that they will think about the emotional stress they saw in their classes yesterday. I hope they will remember the affect that they could have on whole towns, on every person who loves that person that they could hurt in an alcohol related accident. I hope that anyone who reads this, hears other students experiences or just looks around in the world and sees the pain, will think twice next time they drink and drive.

They ended the program that day with an assembly during our advisory hour and I really hope that every kid at school that day listened closely. They showed us this video that Rigby High School students made for Red Ribbon Week and I think it is a good one for everyone to see so heres the link:  Check it out! Its a long video but I think its worth it!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pure happiness.

Okay so I'm going to start blogging again! So many awesome things happen in high school and I just want to blog!
      This year has been such a life changing experience for me! Its my junior year and I have completely changed around my life..for the better! I am 16 years old and I am happy! I just made the decision this year to be my own make decisions in my life based on what is going to make me happy..not just what others want me to be! I have opened up and instead of just talking to a few people and kinda staying in my own corner..I am a friend to everyone! Sometimes in high school its hard to be all alone but when I realized the  reason I wasn't happy was because of the environments i was in..I decided maybe not being a part of a "group" at the school is okay! I am my own self and I am happy!
      I also made the decision this year to not do cheerleading..something I have loved for so long. This year I have been a dancer on the drill team and have fell in love with the sport! I have made so many new friends and have learned so much!! I did not do BPA this year either..or the musical..or track..all of which I miss so much and will definitely be a part of my life next year! I have been crazy busy with drill team, junior miss, and yearbook! I love all the things I am involved in! I love loooove LOVE my life!
 Here are just 3 of the reasons I am so incredibly happy:
#1...My family!

I have quite possibly thee greatest family a person could ask for! I love them so much! They are there for me always..always supporting, always helping, always loving me no matter what! Seth comes home this year from his mission and I am so sooo excited for that! My sisters and me have grown so close these last few years and I am so thankful for everything they do for me! My parents do so much for all of us..I could never thank them enough for all the late nights waiting in town for me, for of course all of the essential things they work so hard to provide for us and so much more beyond that! I love my family and am so grateful for the opportunity we have to spend all eternity together!

#2...Drill team! 

Like I has been a wonderful experience for me! I have pushed myself to my limits and for me it really paid off! I felt good about the progress I made and cannot wait for my senior year! These girls are incredible girls who strive to do their best and they are some of my best friends! Early morning practices and late nights in the gym make for a pretty exhausting few years but it is well worth it to have the friendship and for all of the memories made! We are awesome..nobody can tell us anything different!

#3...The boy. <3

So if you follow me at all on facebook or instagram you know who my best friend in the whole world is..this boy right here! Til Parker Christman is the BEST friend I could ever ask for..I love him beyond what words can say! For now..we are just friends but cheesy as it may be, i cannot imagine myself with anyone other than him! He will be leaving for a mission soon and I am so sooo excited for him! He is going to be a wonderful missionary! He is a wonderful part of my life and I am so thankful for the good example he sets for me! I can't wait for him to leave..and even more..I cannot wait for him to come home! I'm definitely going to miss the laughs, the x's and o's, the long talks, nightly phone calls, four wheeler rides and the long walks, the one who's always there, my somebody to love, my somebody to make sad days happy making all my tears into smiles..he is my joy! <3 I love you Til Christman!


I have so many things to be thankful for and you know..the thing I am most grateful for is the gospel which I love so much. It is what makes all of these things possible! I am so thankful for my brother who died for me and gave me the wonderful gift of the Atonement through a loving Heavenly Father! The Lord is my rock! I am so grateful for all that he does for me..for the answered prayers daily..for my loving family and friends..for the place where I live where I am free to choose what I believe! I am so thankful for the happiness I enjoy because of this earth which he created. I know my redeemer lives and that he love ME! He KNOWS me individually. and He LOVES me. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skyscraper :)

Above is a link to a song by Demi Lovato that I absolutely love the lyrics to :)
These two are amazing singers which I am so jealous of and if you listen to the lyrics they are really great!
I think this song has a great message and it definitely lifts you up when you are thinking of just giving up.

"You can take everything I have  
You can break everything I am 
Like I'm made of glass  
Like I'm made of paper  
Go on and try to tear me down  
I will be rising from the ground  
Like a skyscraper! Like a skyscraper!"
This song went along with something I have been trying to do myself.
One of my goals has been to always remember who I am. 
A daughter of God. who loves me.
High School can be hard.
Its seems like someone is always trying to make you feel worse about yourself.
This year..its my goal to let those things slide and surround myself with people who make me feel better about myself and that respect the person who i am.
I'm not going to let the world tear me down..I'm me.
and to be honest..I love who I am! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What are words.

A few weeks ago, Mara wrote on my wall a song that she thought I would really like and I love it!
Its called "What are Words" by Chris Medina :) 
There is one part of the song that really stood out to me..


"What are words
If you really don't mean them
When you say them
What are words
If they're only for good times
Then they don't"

It really got me thinking.
Why do we say things we don't mean?
I've decided to make that another goal for myself.
Be careful about what you say to people.
Be honest about your feelings and don't just say things because its a good time to say it..say it because you really mean it. Just a thought :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The craziness called Homecoming..

Homecoming was fun this year..but a lot of work!
I spent hours with the cheer team making posters and getting ready for the games :)
Homecoming is a big deal in Soda Springs! 
We dress up every day..we have class competitions..the school is decorated..theres a dummy burn, a movie night, a volleyball game, rough and tough volleyball &powder puff football, a football game, a tailgate party and even a parade :D 
The cheerleaders make tons of posters and signs for all the games..and by the end of the week, I think pretty much everyone was exhausted!!

 Thursday was the parade..we were lucky to have some good weather for that rather than hail like last year ;)
 Just one of the 189 pushups I did that night..yeah. thats right. Our football team rocks! :D
 We even had the Utah Helicopter of Idaho fly in before the was well worth the hours of work it took to be ready for them to come :)
 Marcus Fuechsel (a former Soda Springs high schooler) landed the helicopter on the field :)
 Matt Gittins IS the man! :D

 Shelby got the chance to play her clarinet in the band at the football game..she does an amazing job! :)
 My absolute favorite thing about cheerleading..stunting! :)
 Standing for the pledge..sung by my awesome friend Emily Clegg :) She did amazing! 
 And this would be my health class..we're basically awesome :)

 McKaylee and me in Math..I love this girl! :)
 A blast from the past day :)

 Our sign was pretty cool to say the least :)
Just a few of our awesome cheerleaders..on top of the snack shack :)

As you may be able to tell..It was a great week! 
We got everything done that we needed to..
got to hang out with friends..
burned a dummy..
killed Ririe. 
A lot of wonderful memories were made! 
It's times like these when you've just got to put away all the drama and love high school! :)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Dad

My dad is a wonderful guy..
He's taught me how to work for what I want. 
He makes us all laugh.
He supports our family.
and he sets a great example for my siblings and me.
Through all my dad does for our family, it shows me just how much he loves us.
Thankyou Dad for always working hard for us and for supporting us in all that we do!
Thanks for all the good laughs and for taking us on fun family trips!
Don't ever forget..your little girl loves you! <3

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Girls Camp 2011 :)

"Faith is something greater than ourselves
that enables us to do what we have said we'll do,
to press forward when we are tired or hurt or afraid,
to keep going when the challenge seems overwhelming,
and when the course is entirely uncertain."

Well we all know how awesome the girls are in the Grays Lake Ward so...
 we started girls camp a night early ;)
The Houseman girls were in the valley but weren't able to go with us and Naomi couldn't either seeing as fair was the next week.
We figured we needed practice putting up our tent anyways soooo..
that night after the ward cookout the girls all came to the Stoor home :)
Bishop Evans came over to help us get the tent up and we slept in the backyard.
It was great to get to spend some time with the Houseman girls before they left for home in North Carolina! :D
We were glad to have Naomi there too..we sure missed her at camp!

That morning we all had to wake up super early to get ready and to take down the tent :(
My mom made us huckleberry pancakes..they were delicious!
After all the girls left, me and Shelby finished packing and when everyone was ready we headed to the church.
We left a little late (2 hours) for camp..another Grays Lake thing ;)
But we made it!
Sadly one of our leaders, Becca Bodily, couldn't be there like planned but the reason was a good one!
This little girl:
Emma Gray Bodily
She was FINALLY born a few weeks before girls camp! :)
I still remember the day Becca told us she was pregnant.
We were at church sitting in class and she started to cry.
She stopped for a minute and said "i'm sorry i'm crying but i just can't help it because i'm pregnant."
The whole rest of the hour thats all we could think about. :D
We waited and waited a LONG 9 months (which i am sure was even longer for Becca) and she finally came on July 21st!
She weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 inches long..she is sooooo tiny!

Luckily Aneta Smith offered to come with us as our second leader :)
We couldn't have done it without her! We pulled into camp and hauled our stuff down in was alot tougher than it looked!!
We went to our first devotional right after we got there and had pretty much the rest of the day to get everything set up :)

We did a ton of fun things at girls camp this year!
One thing was the ropes course.
They split us up in age groups and we got a chance to meet Stephanie (our "teacher" or whatever you want to call her) :)
Utah State had a group of students come and teach us all these teamwork games..and some of them were hard! but it was a blast!
My group was alot of fun:
We all got to know each other alot better and became a pretty good team!
That night we had an awesome night hike!!
They had some astronomers come from Logan and they taught us about the constellations&stars&planets&all that other cool stuff thats up in the sky :D
Sadly it was kinda cloudy so we didn't get to look through their telescopes or anything.
Then we went on a hike on the ridge of the mountain in the dark..we looked at the sky and all along the way there were plaques that a previous girls camp had put out about the creation.
It is amazing how many scriptures relate to the stars!
One that really stood out to me..idk where it was. but it tells us that God created every star and that he knows each star by name. It's amazing to think of all the billions of stars and know that he knows each and every one individually. How could he not know each of us individually then?
We were the last to get back to camp and everyone was ready for bed. Everyone else headed to bed and me and a couple of my friends sat out on the grass and talked about a few things we felt needed to be said. I am so greatful for my wonderful friends and everything they do for me! :D
McKaylee and me at the ropes course :)
Me and Jess after one of our many late-night talks :D

That next morning it was time for the real hike! 
They were planning on taking us up to the only grizzly grave up Logan Canyon but when the leaders tried it they decided it was too hard so we went up to the Logan Temple sawmill :) It was a great hike!

This was the monument that was left.
It was fun to listen to the stories of the struggles they went through and what they had to do to build the temple :) 
Me and Jenna on the hike: 
I was lucky enough this year to bring my cousin Jenna with me to girls camp! 
We had a blast..i hope she had as much fun as i did!

Here's our ward-Kendra on the hike: 
We had a blast together this year! We had our little ward of four girls and we brought three friends with us..we almost doubled our ward! how great is that?! :)

After we got done with the hike its was ward day :)
The rest of the day our ward could do whatever we wanted.
So...we drove out of the mountains to Logan and decided we wanted to go laser tagging! It was a blast!! 
Katie(the girl on the far right) and me were the winners..the other girls got shot a few too many times by us ;)
Then we decided we wanted to roller blade/roller skate..
It was alot of fun and I think we all got pretty close :)
We all definitely had some good laughs that day! 
(do you remember maverick lady girls?) haha inside joke! ;)

I was so greatful for girls camp this year and everything that i learned.
It was great to get to know all the girls better and to make some great memories that i'm sure none of us will forget for a long time. [Maverick lady, bear calling, let just say..everything that happened the last night of girls camp ;)]
We had the opportunity to see some miracles happen at our ward testimony meeting and i'm sure we all felt the spirit stronger than we had the whole camp.
I'm sure we were all greatful for the opportunity we had to was a great four days! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Luckiest girl alive :)

I know what your all thinking and I know it has been forever since I have blogged. My summer has just been so gosh darn busy with cheerleading, trips and hanging out with family and friends that i haven't really had the time. I will be sure to catch you all up on what's been happening in my life the past 3 months! :D

Me, Sierra Stoor, McKaylee Lowry &Jessica Alvari!
These girls are three of my absolute best friends.
We have gone through so much together!!
We have our drama but at the end of the day none of it is important.
Whats important is that we will do anything and everything for each other.
No matter what we'll stand by each others decisions.
We won't let anything ruin our friendship!!

This last Sunday was Sierra's birthday :)
Sooo...Jess and our friend Caden planned out a surprise party!
I spent the day with Jessica and McKaylee on Monday and we went back and forth to the stores trying to get everything.
That night we set everything up at the bowling alley in town and then headed back to Sierra's house to "kidnap" her :D
My Aunt Michelle had ordered pizza and so we made Sierra believe that we were just eating pizza with her family and that we forgot the breadsticks. 
So we get back in the car and headed back to the bowling alley where Caden Kempe and Tyler Humphreys were waiting.
We had a blast..we ate pizza, did some interesting bowling, danced to our favorite music, destroyed a pie, stuffed ourselves with icecream and even had ourselves a food fight.
The normal teenage girl birthday party right? ;) haha
That is one night I will never forget!!

I don't know what I would do without my friends!
I can not wait for high school this year now that Jess and Sierra are finally joining us ;)
Me and McKaylee are going to make sure their freshman year is a blast just like ours was!
I absolutely love those three girls..we truly are Best Friends Forever!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rough Start;Great Finish!

John Bytheway said it best when it comes to trials. We listened to this talk on the way home today. It's a talk he gave called "Rough Start;Great Finish". He wrote this poem and I LOVE it! We really do sometimes have to go through the bad stuff before we can get the good stuff. Just something to think about :)

Some people like to wonder
Why is my life so tough?
Mortality is full of trials
and every day is rough.

They say "hey Lord, I'm bein' good
Why punish me with trials?
I thought that if I chose the right
I'd have a life of smiles"

So here's some things within a poem
We mustn't disregard,
Which hopefully will answer
why our lives can be so hard.

Nephi crossed a desert
to find a place to build a ship,
I think we'd all agree
this was not a pleasure trip.

A wilderness dark and dreary
lay before the tree of life,
You must fetch Ismael's family
before you find your wife.

A wilderness will always come
before the Promised Land
And before they sowed in dark rich soil,
They saw a lot of sand.

The kind of things that they went through
we go through now today.
Here's 25 examples of how things can be that way:

You've got to eat your Cracker Jack's
before you get your prize,
You have to sit through drive-through
before you get your fries.

I drove a Chevy Vega
before my Honda Prelude,
I had to take my finals man
before I got my grade dude.

Before the 80's music came
we had to go through disco,
before the tephlon frying pan
We used to cook with Crisco.

You do a lot of dating son
before you find your honey,
Bank officers will check your past
before they loan you money.

Endure the small apartment kids
before you buy a home,
My Franklin planner weighed a ton
before I bought a palm.

You have to pass the food court
before you reach the mall,
and I was really really short
before I got this tall.

It takes a lot of courage boys
to ask the girls to dance
without the risk of asking though,
you'll never find romance.

The ugly duckling came before
the really pretty swan,
you've got to pull the dandelions
to have a gorgeous lawn.

It could take 300 Wonka bars
to find a golden ticket,
To eat that pile of chocolate
boy, you've really gotta dig it!

We shovel snow in winter time
before we get to spring,
Some guys will sacrifice their jeep
to buy a wedding ring.

It's half a dozen previews
and then the presentation,
and only after 8th grade trials
comes high school graduation.

Airport security must be passed
before you find your gate,
It's odd that much of traveling
is stand in line and wait.

You've got to go in rush hour
Then you park in your garage,
You have to do stuff for your wife
to earn a back massage.

Hours of piano lessons came
before the big recital,
The Cougars played the U of U
before they won the title.

Perhaps I should get to the point
before this poem gets longer,
I guess thats what I'm trying to say
is that trials make you stronger.

So when you have a problem
there's no reason to complain,
It might just be that all that's wrong
is for your eternal gain.

Next time a trial comes along
don't gripe or write a letter,
Just see what's really going on
your problems make you better!

I hope my amateurish poem
my point will not diminish,
sometimes a rough start comes before
a really awesome finish! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

You're all wrong.

Didn't have time yesterday to blog so i thought i would do it today :)
I was going down my facebook wall and i can't even count the number of times people said "my dad is the coolest dad in this world".
Well you're all wrong.
I have the coolest daddy in this world! :)
My dad is the most hard-working man I know..
He's always working and he doesn't quit until the jobs done.
My dad is always there for people when they need him.
He is very willing to help and never stops serving others.
Dad is a great example of service.
He does so much for my grandparents on the farm..
for our neighbors..
our family..
and me..
Dad can always make everybody laugh.
He has a very humorous personality..
and is always brightening everybodys day with a good laugh :)
My dad is always there for us..
He takes lots of time out of his day to come support us in our activities.
Dad knows how to have fun..I love when he takes our family on trips!

I love my Daddy! 
thank-you for everything you do!
Happy Father day to thee best dad in this entire world!! :)